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Welcome to holotròpics. In this website you will find information about Holotropic Breathwork and the workshops and activities we offer.

Holotropic Breathwork workshops offered by holotròpics follow the theoretical, practical and ethical principles posed by Stan and Christina Grof, and the Grof Transpersonal Training team.

Our vocation is to spread the technique of Holotropic Breathwork, to make it more accessible to a wider population, and allow people to approach it from any paradigm, belief system and/or motivation. We believe that the two core aspects of this technique, healing and learning, make the potential benefits one can achieve from its use attractive for a wide spectrum of people. From those who want to deepen their therapeutic process, to those seeking to know themselves better, health professionals, artists and those who practice spiritual disciplines.

We are convinced that offering spaces where people can share experiences in non ordinary states of consciousness can enrich our view of life and encourage personal and social development.